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Port-a-Field Videos

youtube port-a-field setup

Port-a-Field Setup

Video showing the setup of a Port-a-Field

youtube port-a-field using

Using a Port-a-Field

Flag Football using a Port-a-Field portable field lining system

youtube port-a-field retrieving

Port-a-Field Field Retrieval

Port-a-Field Field retrieval for first time user

youtube port-a-field retrieving

SKLZ Soccer Goals

Lightweight, portable, and ultra-durable soccer goals

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Customer Comments

  • "Definite boundary lines have made coaching easier. Trow-ins, corner kicks, and field positions have all been taught and understood quicker. The system's portability makes it a valuable practice tool. This is a product no soccer coach should be without! Your product is good, but your customer service is even better. Thank you."

    - Joel Stirewalt - BISA

  • "The North American Sand Soccer Championships found the Port-A-Field product a significant enhancement over the nylon roping used during the past decade. Port-A-Fields are highly visible in the sand environment, stand up well to match play, and are considerably easier to store and maintain than other lining systems."

    - Dick Whalen - NASSC

  • "I have set up fields for the North America Sand Soccer Championships for the past eight years. That's 43 fields to install and take down averaging 35 minutes per field and that was with 5 crews of 6 working up and down the beach. With Port-A-Field, I was able to install one field with 2 additional helpers in 5 minutes! With one helper in 7 minutes, and actually installed one field by my lonesome in 10 minutes! We are talking a major time, labor and space savings with the Port-A-Field."

    - Tim O'Brian - NASSC

  • I just want to tell that I was very satisfied with the Port-A-Field system, which is perfect and very simple to install.
    - Christian Prévost - Pro Beach Soccer Canada

    "I'm here to recommend the Port-A-Field field lining system. This is the best thing that's come around in a long time."
    - Bruce Chrystie - FastPlastic